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in snap?

The Image Processing software we used within the book was the Sentinel Application Platform (SNAP), which is available to download via the European Space Agency (ESA) science toolbox exploitation platform (step) http://step.esa.int/main/download/. SNAP is open source software, and so it’s freely available. It’s also regularly updated, especially the modules within in, which means that the version of SNAP we used within the book will not be the same version you download.

The version of SNAP used within the book was version 2.0 beta 0.6, whereas with the current version is 5.0. It’s possible to download older versions of SNAP, but not betas, and so you will be using a newer version. Also, we’d recommend using the newest version as it will contain any bug and updates fixes.

Help on SNAP is available via the step forum http://forum.step.esa.int/

Changes between version 2.0 beta 0.6 and version 5.0 include:

  • Downloading is now directly from the step download page rather than a link within an email.
  • When importing data in formats such as Landsat (GeoTIFF) and NetCDF-BEAM (for MODIS-Aqua in Chapter 11) it’s possible to subset as the data is imported – a button in the top right of the SNAP Import Products window – rather than as a second step.
  • Improved handling of Sentinel-2 data and updates linked to Sentinel-3 data.


If there is anything in book that you cannot find in the latest version of SNAP, or anything that does not appear to work as we indicated, please log-in and let us know in the forum.

Using Earth Observation to answer questions about our planet’s resources and behaviour