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    1. GloVis “Next” and the Landsat Collection 1 data. The GloVis viewer is being replaced, and the Landsat data held by USGS is also being reprocessed to Collection 1 standards. SNAP v5.0 is able to import the reprocessed data,  but you’ll need to have the Sentinel-3 Toolbox and latest updates installed. If you login then you can download the Landsat files used to develop the practicals from this website.
    2. How can I access GLOVIS if my Windows web browser is reporting a Java error message?If you’re pre Windows 10 then GLOVIS should work with Internet Explorer. If you have upgraded to Windows 10 then the easiest solution was to download the Mozilla Firefox web browser, but support for Java stopped with Firefox Version 52 (released in March 2017). Alternatively, you can use GloVis “Next” mentioned above or the Earth Explorer browser that is explained in Section 10.4 of the book.
    3. How can I write Landsat 7 data to a GeoTIFF file using SNAP? When you run File>Export>GeoTIFF for a SNAP imported Landsat ETM+ file you may get the error “Writing his product as GeoTIFF is not possible. Cannot write multisize products. Consider resampling the product first.” This is because the Landsat 7 data has multiple spatial resolutions. So, before you export first run Raster>Geometric Operations>Resampling to create a version of the data where all the bands have the same resolution. Alternatively you can delete radiance_8, which is the panchromatic band, and then export.

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